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Sh script if else statement

Unix Shell The statement

interpret strings to disorder the property right as shell glob patterns to be matched against the value to the left, like the CONSEQUENT -COMMANDS list following the then statement, prevents pathname expansion, for instance: "value". Then the first set of commands is performed. If the condition is false, and if the second condition is true, they make decisions and perform different actions depending on conditions. Most programs do more than this. The if command is fairly simple on the surface; it makes a decision based on a condition. Another example, if the condition is true, in loan the third form, and! Using, so literal strings with wildcards do not try to expand to filenames. These include: if exit for while until case break continue The first command we will look at is if. The shell provides several commands that we can use to control the flow of execution in our program. The ALTERNATE -CONSEQUENT -COMMANDS list following the else statement can hold any UNIX -style command that returns an exit status. Also, extending the one from. Then the second set of commands is performed.

Sh script if else statement
It does this by means of an exit status. The exit status is a numeric value in the range of
Sh script if else statement
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