Plant and equipment  390,000. Motor vehicles 210,000 100,000 110,000 1,400,000 440,000 960,000 The underlying ledger accounts It would be possible to use just one account for each non-current/fixed asset, showing cost and depreciation.

Pearson chi square reporting

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two variables are associated if one of the variables says something. SPSS Chi-Square Independence Test is a procedure for testing whether two categorical variables are associated in any way in some population. A marketeer wants to know the relation between the brand of smartphone people use and the brand they'd like to use. She collects data on 150 respondents, 4. SPSS will report whether it holds in the output by default. Run resumes crosstab with chi-square schedule independence test. SPSS Independent Samples Chi-Square Test Example. The precise meaning of assumption 4 is beyond the scope of this tutorial. If these frequency distributions (shown as histograms)) have identical. SPSS Chi-Square Independence Test Output We'll first look at the Crosstabulation. We then inspect the frequency distribution of preferred for each group separately. However, assumptions 1 hughes through 3 are mainly theoretical. Select C h i-square under S tatistics. The figure below illustrates the basic idea. We use current in the figure to assign our cases into groups. Clicking P aste results in the syntax below. Resulting in phone_v. Crosstabs current by preferred /stat chisq. For illustrating what's meant by this,

Pearson chi square reporting
Since both variables have 4 answer categories, (4 4 ) 16 different combinations may occur in the data. For each combination (or cell the table presents the frequency with which it occurs.
Pearson chi square reporting
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