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Acid rain reports

Strand 3: Acid Rain Experiment

acid rain Smell the rain coming? - Acid Rain - текст песни Acid Rain Will our children look back With hatred or despair At a monahan generation of idiots Who just didn't care About the fossil fuel fumes And the aerosol. Acid rain The water is on fire! Acid rain dissolving away The monuments of man Run for your lives! Will they have regrets For atlantida being born at all Into a world where only Acid rain can fall On all the. By D.R.I. Acid rain Пуск! We who watched The waters of the world Turn to lakes purpose of lava Killing every form of life? And what is it all worth Heating up our globe Destroying our own Earth? What will they think Of us with no concern About the seas of shit And radiation burn? Acid rain Run for cover now!

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Acid rain reports
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Acid rain reports
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