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List of keywords for addition

Key Words and Catch Phrases for Word Problems

of (when preceded by a fraction Half of four is what?) powered by the wallpapers Publisher Platform (P3)). These are some of the most common math keywords used. For instance; There were four groups of fruit. There was twice as much ice cream before you ate. Look for these keywords when you are trying to decided what the math question is actually asking you to do. Wdvzstauufac written by: Kathy Foust edited by: SForsyth updated: slide 1 of 5 Many students struggle with word problems as it seems they are intended to confuse you. Into; Four goes into biography twenty roland how many times? I would like half as much as she had. As much (When preceded by a fraction.) the key to solving them is to figure out what the. Some addition keywords are used in multiplication as well since multiplication is just another way of doing addition.

List of keywords for addition

There were 5 pieces in each group. How many were there altogether? slide 5 of 5 Division Keywords Divided by; Four divided by two is what? Divide; Divide four by two. Add; Add two and two. together; Together, what two and two? Combine; Combine two and two. slide 3 of 5. Subtraction Keywords Take away; Take away four from five. Subtract; Subtract four from five. Minus; Five minus four is what? From; Four from five is what? Remain; How many remain after you take four from five? Left; How many are left? slide 4 of 5 Multiplication Keywords. Use this guide to identify keyword or phrases that will clue you into what the problem is asking you to do. slide 2 of 5 Addition Keywords altogether; There were two blue eggs and three green eggs. Product; What is the product of four and five? Times; There are five times as many as there were. Multiply; Multiply the numbers four and five. As much (When preceded by a whole number, but not a fraction. How many eggs were there altogether? sum of; What is the sum of two plus two? plus; What is the sum of two plus two? total; What is the total of two plus two? "We were in a hotel room, and Michael takes one look at the shoe and said, 'I hate it. Chapter 6: Chicago On Nov. 7, 1987, Michael Jordan scored 36 points at the old Chicago Stadium as the Bulls. 1981 Summer Solstice (TV Movie) Joshua 1981 On Golden Pond Norman Thayer Jr. 1980. The Jilting of Granny Weatherall (TV Movie) Narrator 1980 Gideon's Trumpet (TV Movie) Clarence Earl Gideon 1980.

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List of keywords for addition
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