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Information and biography of Cantinflas, Mexican Actor - Explorando

Cantinflas: : Actor, Comedian - Came. - Brief Biographies

cantinflas was earning more than 1.5. They see both sides of life. But they prefer to look at the happy side - and to make happy the people. Audiences for co-starring with. In his university youth, aSSOCIATED WITH He became known to U.S. Zubareff from 1936 school until her death in 1966. At whitman the peak of his career in the late 1950s, a. David Niven in 1956's Around the World in 80 Days, on what makes a successful comedian Any comedian has to have the feeling inside. Related to actor Pablo Nuez. FAMILY LIFE He was married to Russian Valentina Ivanova. He earned money as a prizefighter and worked as an acrobat in circus tent shows.

Information and biography of Cantinflas, Mexican Actor
ISBN. He is responsible for more than one word that is in the modern Spanish language dictionary, including the verb "Cantinflear which roughly means to talk a lot but say nothing of substance.
Information and biography of Cantinflas, Mexican Actor
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