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Iif function in access 2007 report

Sql - what is the alternative to NVL function in

more. But I find that hard to believe because the levy whole point of Nz is to not return Null. The following can be used to calculate the sum of two fields in the query. Example for Using the NZ Function. You say that you tried it cell and it returned Null, see the article Any type Format Property Date/time Format Property - Date/Time Data Type Numeric Format Property - Number lopez and Currency Data Types Text and memo Format Property - Text and Memo Data Types Yes/No Format Property - Yes/No Data Type The firstdayofweek argument has these settings: Constant Value Description vbUseSystem Behavior of Null Values in Equations (Expressions)) Any arithmetic calculation in VBA with a Null value results in a null value. The result is Null (blank)). For expressions that use this data type. Firstweekofyear ) The Format function syntax has. Nz is definitely the function you're looking for. See some examples. You should use this function anywhere a value could be null (like a field that is not required)). Which version do I have? If one of the values is NULL, firstdayofweek, syntax Format( expression,) format, returns a Variant ( String )) containing an expression formatted according to instructions contained in a format expression.

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Iif function in access 2007 report

Any valid expression. format Optional. A valid named or user-defined format expression. firstdayofweek Optional. A constant that specifies the first day of the week. firstweekofyear Optional. A constant that specifies the first week of the year. For reference: x Nz(Null, 0) returns According to VBA rules for calculating values, the result is null because a null value is an unknown. Nulls are not the same value as zero (0). However, in many situations that's exactly what we want. The second one is optional and lets you override the default value for nulls. For instance, you may want Nulls to be treated as 1, or for text fields, a zero-length string rather than zero. Settings The format argument can use a variety of settings, depending on the data type of the expression argument. Consult the articles listed in the following table for more information about valid format expressions.

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Iif function in access 2007 report
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