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Facts about Australia Day for kids - Woodlands Junior School

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australia in 1788 for kids K - 6. And was typically synthesised marked by sporting events including horse racing and boat. On the 30 year anniversary of the First unit Fleet's arrival the Governor of Australia hosted a 30-gun salute and ball at Government House. Australia Day is now the largest civic horsereportsystem event held in Australia each year. Australia Day was called Foundation Day in the early part of the nineteenth century, the First Fleet (with approximately 1000 people aboard 11 ships)) that arrived. The celebrations included a thirty gun salute and a ball at Government House. Information about the First Fleet and the arrival of the first white settlers to. The history and facts about this holiday which commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet. It wasn't until 1946 that Australia Day became the uniform name for January 26th. A penal colony was established after they arrived. Kids learn about Australia Day.

Facts about Australia Day for kids -

Australia Day is a popular day for becoming an Australian citizen. About 13,000 people became Australians on January 26th, 2011. Australia's Indigenous population is not as happy about Australia Day and its celebrations and significance. Australia s national day is Australia Day, which is celebrated on January 26 th each year. It wasn t until 1946 that Australia Day became the uniform name for. January 26 th. Holidays and Commonly Observed Celebrations Facts for Kids. Estimates suggest that approximately 10.5 million of Australia's 21 million citizens participate in Australia Day celebrations. 1988 was Australia's Bicentennial Celebration. It is estimated that more than 2.5 million were in Sidney to celebrate. The first colony to declare Australia Day as a public holiday was New South Wales in 1838, on the 50th anniversary of the Sydney Cove landing. By 1888 nearly all of the colonies had declared a public holiday to.

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Facts about Australia Day for kids -
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