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Beulah Beach - Sports Camp Kickoff!

we feel very blessed to be studies able to pour into your kids lives and to be able to be used by God to speak truth to them. Which made it just as entertaining for their counselors. Sheriff Bubble-trousers and Deputy Bubba are dedicated to getting them back. The campers brought a lot of energy and a lot of talent to the games, each and every one of these kids is annual WANTED here at camp. -Ryan Pinkerton (Resident Camp Programs Assistant Director)). This event is a series of competitions proper that take place inside a circular fence. At the first Mix (The evening service)) the kids were introduced to this summers skit in which all the marshmallows at camp have been STOLEN!

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The campers learned that this life is all about glorifying God and enjoying Him forever. Today, Monday, was the start of the Sports Blocks. This morning we had basketball, golf, football, tennis, volleyball, baseball, and soccer and they were.
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