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Rule - Mandatory reporting instructions and transfers of

epa.gov/ghgreporting/documents/pdf/2009/FactSheet. Which requires facilities that emit 25,000 tons of CO2e or more per. Pdf 8 US Federal Register (2009)). Pdf 7 US EPA (2011)). Policy Information Expand this section for information on the key features of the policy, retrieved from http www. Categorization, malthus the first reporting year predictions was 2010. Coverage An estimated 85-90 percent of the total U.S. Main objective(s)) and linkages with other policies. Environmental Protection business Agency. Such as its date of introduction, factsheet: Mandatory Reporting of Greenhouse Gases (40 CFR part 98)). Description The Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program is the implementation of the EPA issued Mandatory Reporting Greenhouse Gases Rule, epa.gov/ghgreporting/documents/pdf/2009/FactSheet. Retrieved from http www.

Mandatory Reporting - Play by the Rules

Specific Benefits The publicly available data will allow reporters to track their own emissions, compare them to similar facilities, and aid in identifying cost effective opportunities to reduce emissions in the future. Policy Description Facilities that emit 25,000 tons of CO2e or more per year from on-site combustion (such as natural gas use) are required to annually report their emissions to the U.S. GHG emissions from approximately 13,000 facilities are covered by the final rule. Quantitative Target? no Progress Monitored? yes Verification Required? yes Enforced? yes Sanctions: Facilities or suppliers that fail to monitor or report GHG emissions, quantities supplied, or other. 3 "For GHG Reporters." Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program. Environmental Protection Agency. 4 US Federal Register (2009). 40 CFR Parts 86, 87, 89 et al. Mandatory Reporting of Greenhouse Gases; Final Rule, p. The CAA provides for several levels of enforcement that include administrative, civil, and criminal penalties. The CAA allows for injunctive relief to compel compliance and civil and administrative penalties of up to 37,500 per day per violation 8. Low. Estimated cost for government. Congress appropriated not less than 3.5 million for activities to develop and publish the draft Rule 10. Not known. Other Benefits General Benefits The Program will provide a better understanding the sources of GHGs. This tool also provides tutorials, information, FAQ, and many other resources to assist users. m/confluence/display/ghgp/Home. See ml for further information. Impacts, Costs Benefits Expand this section to find information on policy effectiveness and efficiency. 10 Regulatory Impact Analysis for the Mandatory Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Proposed Rule (GHG Reporting March 2009). Industry efforts are currently underway to permanently overturn this portion of the rule, but it is unknown at this time what the outcome of any of those efforts will be. Presentation Slides Download a Copy of This Segment (23.

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Mandatory Reporting - Play by the Rules
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