Most essays live or die by the strength of their thesis statements and by their ability to keep focused on their thesis. If the writer hasn't clearly indicated the focus or argument, it will often be difficult for him.

Misstatement of inventory

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expected population deviation rate 1 2 3 4 Sample size (using tables)) Sample size (using ACL)) The computed upper deviation rate and the auditors decision for each control procedure senior are: Results Using Tables Control Procedure 1 2 3 4 Number of deviations 5-38 The accounts receivable turnover is slower for 2007, arthur should first satisfy himself that RCT's credit terms remained unchanged over those years. Arthur should satisfy himself that the accounts receivable balance includes only bona. He write should investigate substantial decreases in long-term liabilities research and should ascertain that current maturities of long-term liabilities are properly reported in the balance sheet. Furthermore, in addition, which implies that the average collection period has increased. He should carefully search for unrecorded payables. It is possible that the changed ratio is perfectly valid and that the related accounts are fairly stated. He should check that lapping has not occurred. He may wish to expand his normal confirmations to cover a larger proportion of the receivables. It merely highlights an area for further inquiry. The changed ratio does not automatically imply that an account is misstated.

Misstatement of inventory
A ratio that is inconsistent from one year to the next does not necessarily imply misstatements. The objective of ratio analysis is to point out areas where further investigation is warranted.
Misstatement of inventory
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